"Tell the truth"—Joy Tongo warns Cynthia Morgan

By: jivenaija.com
Joy Tongo
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JOY Tongo, former manager of Cynthia Morgan, has warned the dancehall artiste to tell the truth about her past life and management or they would tell every little secret about her.

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This comes after Cynthia Morgan had alleged in an Instagram live video that Jude Okoye, the CEO of Northside Records, took everything she had at a time when she was battling an illness.

Tongo rejects the claims. She says that there’s more to Cynthia’s allegations that it meets the eye and she’s bent on telling the truth if her former artiste does not come clean.

“Cynthia Morgan you are advised to let people know the truth , else we would tell them the truth PS: Your former management,” she tweeted on Sunday morning.

Earlier, Cynthia said that Jude Okoye, through his record label, took away her royalties, Instagram, VEVO account and even her stage name, Cynthia Morgan.

According to the singer, the actions of her formal management caused her sudden disappearance from the music scene some four years ago.

Cynthia Morgan(left) says Jude Okoye(right) stopped her from using her stage name

In response to these claims, Tongo chastised the artiste in a series of tweets on Sunday, saying Cynthia’s pride and nasty attitude towards other people caused her career to nosedive.