Giorgio Armani stages an audience-less show

Armani held an audience-less fashion week
Fashion designer Giorgio Armani
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Giorgio Armani staged his Milan Fashion Week show without an audience on Sunday, February 23, 2020.

The 85-year-old designer opted to stage an audience-less show in Milan amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, meaning Giorgio Armani was forced to rely on online streams for his audience.

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In a statement released on Sunday, the company explained: ''The show will be shown behind closed doors, due to the recent developments of coronavirus in Italy, live-streamed in front of an empty theatre on the Armani website, therefore please do not attend the show this afternoon.

''The decision was taken to safeguard the well-being of all his invited guests by not having them attend crowded spaces.''

Last year, meanwhile, Armani revealed he doesn't believe just one person is capable of replacing him.

The designer said that when it comes to eventually choosing a successor, it'll take more than one person.

He said: ''I don't think one person will work - I think it's somebody on fashion, somebody on commercial, someone on financial.

''Obviously, nowadays, it's my decision what will happen, but when I won't be here anymore they will decide what's best.

''It's my first thought every morning. It's not a nice feeling. But you have to be strong. The company has to go on, aside from my person. But I don't see the alter ego of Armani out there.

''I also think it's not fashionable any more. Now companies are done by good people working together. Once upon a time, there was a big boss. Maybe the future won't be like that.''