Akesse Brempong: The gospel must be vibrant in these times

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
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THE tormenting effects of the novel coronavirus has in no doubt affected many activities of which that of religious bodies have not been spared.

Thus church activities in many countries including Ghana have been banned as part of measures to curb the spread of the virus with many resorting to holding their services online.

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And as efforts are made by various churches to stay relevant in these times, Gospel act, Akese Brempong believes this is an opportune time and is challenging Christians to intensify the propagation of the word of God.

He mentioned how difficult moments encourage people to find solace in the word of God and for which Christ must be preached in these trying moments for humanity.

“It is in challenging moments that people seek the word of God to encourage and sustain them but unfortunately, the churches are closed.

"However, the closure of the churches is not an end to the propagation of the gospel and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God must take advantage of social media to spread the word.

“That is why I’m particularly happy that a number of gospel acts are hosting virtual concerts and using the platform to inspire people not to give up.

"The likes of Joe Mettle, Gifty Osei and recently the Hope Concert have offered good avenues to share God’s word,” he stated.

It was in line with this commitment that he released Heal Our Land last month and has been hosting a series of concerts virtually.

With songs such as Crazy Love, God is Working, Biribiara, Love So Real, Akesse Brempong noted that contemporary Gospel music had been enjoying a lot of public attention in recent years, which was not the case previously.

According to him, most Gospel musicians previously were not media-friendly because the media thrived on controversies.

But that has changed due to the popularity of social media which has created a huge platform for them to publicise their works.