Beefs add pizzazz to the music industry—Ms Forson

By: Delali Sika
Ms Forson lauds beefs
Musician, Ms Forson
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WHILE some have criticized the ongoing beef among rappers Eno Barony, Freda Rhymz and singer Sista Afia, others such as Black Avenue Muzik signee, Ms Forson says there is nothing wrong with beefing as it brings excitement to the music industry.

According to her, the sector has been dull for sometime now so the three ladies' beef have spiced things up, “the industry has been boring for a while now, nothing is really happening because of the coronavirus so what they are doing is bringing excitement to the music industry.

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“Apart from that, I also see it as an avenue for them to showcase their talents. When you take a look at these girls, they have all been doing different things.

"But the beef has really unearthed their skills where rap is concerned and for me, it is a good thing. It’s made me realise how creative they are”, she told Graphic Showbiz.

When asked if the beef will not breed any form of enmity in the female musician fraternity, she responded, “no, I am not sure it will, what they are doing is mainly for showbiz purpose.

"I believe that we all have opinions and if someone tries to intimidate you, you should be able to defend yourself and that is what I am seeing now, everyone is defending her crown", Ms Forson added

However Ms Forson made it known that, there is no way she will get involved in beefs, “no, beef is not something I would want to get myself involved in, I just want to focus on myself, my music and other things.”

Talking about her latest piece, Ms Forson said new song, Number One featuring Fameye is doing well. "The song is doing well, it is receiving air play and the feedback has been good so far.

"Fameye is one artiste I admire so much because of the effort he puts in his works and I must say I feel blessed working with him on Number One.”