Dane Bowers: Victoria Beckham 'wet herself' in interview

By: contactmusic.net
Dane Bowers on Victoria Beckham
Dane Bowers
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DANE Bowers claims Victoria Beckham ''wet herself'' during a TV interview.

The pair collaborated on 2000 single Out Of Your Mind and promoted the track extensively throughout Europe, but one television appearance proved to be memorable for the wrong reasons.

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Dane Bowers recalled: ''We spoke to these German guys. Their sense of humour wasn't quite the same as ours.

''During the interview I blurted something out and she wet herself. Literally, in the chair.

''We had to stop so she could sort herself out in the bathroom.''

When Dane and Victoria collaborated on Out Of Your Mind

The former Another Level singer had a great time working with Victoria and admitted they rarely performed their song sober.

Dane Bowers told The Sun newspaper: ''We were p***ed out of our brains. I don't think we ever performed when we weren't drunk.

''We got trains all over the UK to various gigs and we were always on the vodka or champagne.

''One time, we were travelling to Newcastle and Victoria and I left first class to party with our dancers in another carriage. Music was being blasted out. It was one big party.

''A train guard came over and told us to pipe down but Victoria just sweet-talked him, saying 'Have a drink with us'.

''We had to go on stage and we were thinking, 'S***, we're drunk'...

''She used to say to me, 'I'm no Mariah Carey' and I would agree. She wasn't amazing but she could hold a tune.

''Victoria was a much better drinker.''

At the time of the collaboration, Dane Bowers was dating Katie Price, and while he got along well with Victoria's husband,David Beckham, his girlfriend wasn't so impressed by his closeness to the former Spice Girls star and her friend Sarah Bosnich.

He admitted: ''Katie hated that I was doing music with Victoria. She was giving me so much grief. Victoria used to bring Sarah on tour with us.

''Katie thought something was going on between us.''

And the Freak Me hitmaker also wasn't happy with Katie's glamour modelling career, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship.

Dane Bowers said: ''I didn't handle the fact she was a glamour girl very well. I stopped her doing topless stuff.

''But while I was on tour with Victoria, Katie was jealous and she said to me, 'I'm going to do this calendar shoot and it's going to be topless' to get a rise out of me.

''I said, 'If you do that, it's over' and she did it. When I came back, I split up with her.''