Jessie Ware: Women have a shelf life in music

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JESSIE Ware thinks there is a ''shelf life'' for women in the music industry.

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The 35-year-old singer believes there is more pressure on women to save their careers after they reach a certain age, as the industry thinks they are outdated and won't appeal to certain audiences.

Speaking to GLAMOUR's May digital issue - for which she is also the cover star - she said: ''I definitely think there's more of a shelf life for women.

"I don't want to sound negative because actually I'm able to make the music I want to make, but I'm madly thought of as relatively old and I'm 35!''

Jessie - who has two children with husband Sam Burrows - has received her fair share of sexism throughout her career as she was asked questions which men wouldn't be quizzed on.

She explained: ''They don't ask men how they're going to tour with their children, do they?

''But you get used to it, you take it with a pinch of salt, and it's also something that I struggled to work out.''

What's more, the 'Say You Love Me' hitmaker has been told to hold her tongue in meetings after she was accused of being too ''emotional'' when her needs weren't being met.

She continued: ''I once got told that I was being really emotional in a meeting, and I was being really not-emotional, and I wonder whether they would have said that to a bloke. I didn't rise to it, and I was very calm. But you know, it happens.''

Jessie released her successful debut album 'Devotion' in 2012, but despite receiving critical acclaim, she suffered from imposter syndrome and felt she didn't deserve the praise.

She added: ''I always felt slightly apologetic for my success at the beginning, that I'd got away with this thing. I felt it was far too easy and I was far too lucky to have got this deal very quickly.

''Even though I made a really good album, I hated the feeling that I felt undeserving of it.''