COVID-19: Donations not enough, add prayers—Maud Arday

By: Delali Sika
Maud on support to fight Covid-19
TV personality, Maud Arday
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SINCE the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many public figures and celebrities have been donating and distributing items to people on the streets, orphanages, churches, markets, head porters, among others, but host of Slayers On Joy Prime, Maud Arday, says that is not enough.

According to Maud, apart from the fact that the donations and sensitisation are going well, looking at what the celebrities have done so far, prayers should also be an integral action these celebrities must take.

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“I can’t say what they have done so far is enough, neither can I say it’s not enough because everybody is trying his or her best and doing what he or she can but I feel there is more to be done.

"We have done the education, donation, etc. but I will urge that we add prayers as well and we shouldn’t relax now at all. This doesn’t mean the education and the others should stop,” she told Graphic Showbiz in an interview on Monday, April 6.

Maud added: “I know the power of prayer. The President asked us to fast and pray, which we did, but on our own we can do something. Take a look at the number of celebrities we have in the country, putting together actors, musicians, etc.

"Imagine what will happen if we decide to raise one voice and pray for our nation. This is not to say those who have donated items have not done well. They have but we cannot take chances at all,” she stated.

Maud says further: “I am as guilty as any other person and I have decided to go down on my knees as well and pray just as I am encouraging my colleagues to do.

"Apart from that, I have supported some fans in one way or the other and this Easter, I will try my best to give aways as part of the celebration because I know people also need money and food to survive.”

A former host of What’s Up TV, Maud, who is also a businesswoman and a model, also noted that the pandemic had taken a toll on her career and business.

“It has really affected my businesses. My team and I had planned an event which would have seen the influx of several top celebrities from different countries into Ghana to attend and sell some of their fashion products and paraphernalia to their fans.

"But I have had to cancel the show because of the border closure due the novel coronavirus. And this has cost me some money. As a model too, I haven’t had any job since.

“TV wise, my sponsors have put things on hold at the moment. We were coming back with something new and extra with Slayers but we can’t because of the lock down.

“Aside being a TV personality, I’m also an entrepreneur and a brand influencer and I had goods coming in for my usual Easter sales but as we speak now, they are all stuck out there although they have been paid for.

"I don’t know how long it is going to take for me to get my money or goods back.It’s crazy,” Maud concluded.