Finding love in public a disgrace—Counsellor Lutterodt

By: Antoanette Sedinam Akoto-Tenu
Counsellor Lutterodt blasts people who look for love on shows and dating sites, says they are a disgrace
Counsellor George Lutterodt
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RELATIONSHIP speaker, George Lutterodt has labeled individuals who have ignored the traditional way of finding love and are appearing on TV shows, Facebook or using dating sites to find partners as frustrated.

Dating shows have been popular outside the country for years and in Ghana, there have been a few but recently one of them, Date Rush has caught on well with the public and is creating a huge buzz on social media, while raking in viewers for TV3 on which it airs.

However, for the man popularly known as Counsellor Lutterodt, people who go on this route to find true love are a disgrace.
“The first question I ask when I see these kinds of things is how do the organisers know they can find what they want there? These people are only acting and you don’t get to know who they really are. I will say they are glorifying prostitution in disguise through these media because these people will only engage in sexual activities.

“Have you gone through premarital counseling before going to look for a date on TV or social media? Why will you go on TV, dating site or Facebook to look for love? Are you that frustrated? You are not attractive to any guy anymore?

“I feel ashamed when I see such things. If you think that will lead you to marriage, then you are the most disgraceful person on earth. These organisers should rather organise premarital counseling for them and also focus on married couples with the camera so they can share their experiences,” he told Graphic Showbiz.

Counsellor Lutterodt also pointed out that these platforms were not reliable since their selection processes do not guarantee the needed scrutiny and spoke about the negative effects if an individual was rejected.
“Nobody should give anyone the platform to publicly choose a partner. It’s an embarrassment which can lead to depression. They make you think you are not worth it so you become angry with yourself since you were not chosen.  

“For instance, if they advertise Akosua publicly and in the end, she is not chosen, she is stigmatised. Depression and anxiety disorder set in and leave her mentally ill. Maybe the guys who came didn’t know her so they couldn’t assess her but for the rest of her life, she lives with that image of rejection.
“They only assess outward behaviour so in the first place your security is not guaranteed. None of such relationships have ever worked. They just go in because they desperately need a lover and they end up getting involved with people they don’t like. We marry people we have met, known and fall within our checklist,” he stated.

Counsellor Lutterodt’s advice for single ladies and gentlemen is that they should constantly improve themselves to avoid appearing on such platforms.

“The best partner on earth is you so work on yourself if no man or woman is coming your way. God has given us the opportunity to enhance our abilities and beauty to look presentable, so do so,” he stated.

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