We are too quick to judge — Philipa Baafi

By: Kofi Duah
Philipa Baafi asks Ghanaians not to be too quick to judge when Gospel musicians' marriages fail
Philipa Baafi
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THERE is often surprise among people when marriages of female Gospel acts collapse because they are perceived in a certain manner.

Such musicians sometimes come under attack for the failure of such marriages but Gospel musician Philipa Baafi has asked Ghanaians not to be quick to judge.

“I don’t normally comment on such issues, especially if I don’t know the cause of the collapse of a marriage. Ghanaians are too quick to judge when we don’t even have the facts.

“What most people forget is that we are human and we might make mistakes but Ghanaians expect the Gospel musician to live in a certain way. Yes, we are Gospel musicians but it’s just the Grace of God sustaining us.

“I believe we should rather pray for such Gospel musicians whose marriages have failed. We are told to forgive 70x77 times but how many of us are able to do that? It just needs the grace of God to stand firm because marriage is such a difficult task,” she told Graphic Showbiz.

According to Philipa Baafi, people should slow down on judgment and bashing when it is no fault of theirs.

Sharing her experience on what has helped her since she got married 14 years ago, Philipa said she had come to tolerate her husband and solve issues internally without involving a third party.

“Marriage itself is not an easy task but it takes the two people to make it work. With prayers and determination, God will surely make it work,” she stated.

Philipa Baafi advised anyone going into marriage to take their time and get to know the people they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

One interesting phenomenon in the Gospel music industry is how quite a number of female artistes settle down with pastors and explaining how that comes about, Philipa Baafi said it was because they work closely together.

“The Gospel musician sings in the church and the man of God comes to preach. Naturally, Gospel musicians and men of God do the same job, it’s just like doctors marrying nurses,” she said.

She, however, advised female Gospel musicians not to marry pastors if they were not ready to be ‘Asafo Maame.’

“If you are not called by God to marry a man of God, don’t even think about settling down with them because the marriage will never work. You need to be spiritually ready to settle down with a man of God,” she said.

Moving on to music, Philipa Baafi, who has been off the scene for a while has just released a seven-track album titled Awurade Fa Yen Sie.

This is her 10th album since she started music some two decades ago. The album was recorded by different sound engineers including Dan Bassey, Quick Action and Morris D Voice.

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