COVID-19: How to date virtually during quarantine

By: Abena Manokekame
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HELLO and how are you? If everyone the world over had been told last year that a virus similar to the common cold would force millions into mandatory quarantine worldwide, people would have called the prophecy mad.

Nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared us for how coronavirus has changed the way we interact over the course of just two months.

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Being single and searching is already hard enough but doing so while in quarantine is a gargantuan task but don’t worry, I am right here to take you through a few steps. Shall we begin? Sure.

• Be creative
Have you heard of the New York photographer, Jeremy Cohen, who saw a girl dancing on a rooftop and using a drone, asked her for her contact?
He went on to plan a dinner for the two of them assisted by their roommates, hundreds of metres away from each other and finally met but he was in a giant balloon to enforce physical distancing.

Jeremy saw her and liked her. Any other gentleman would have decided to wait the quarantine out before approaching her but he decided to a more creative way to get her attention and he got it.

The virtual world and technology has tons of ways you can meet and interact with a single person of interest. Look around you and ask yourself what ways you can use the internet to attract or date someone?

• Virtual dating is the thing now
In year 2000, talking to someone via video on your phone was unheard of. Heck, the phones we had didn’t have anything that remotely resembled multimedia which could be used to send pictures but here we are decades later, face timing people anytime, anywhere.

With apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook etc, people are going beyond the boundaries of face timing to even watch movies on Netflix together, cook, read or do general stuff while on the other side of the phone.

But don’t forget this, just because you’re interacting with them over the phone doesn’t mean you should dress just anyhow. Plan a date night and wear what you would have if you had had a physical meeting and you would be amazed by how much fun you both would have as if you were there in each other’s presence.

• Dress up, Make up, Shoe it up
I would like to expand on a statement I made in the point above: wear what you would if you were physically dating.

The eye is a powerful organ. It can zoom into a video so much that you would forget it’s a video you are watching because your brain processes what you see in the video just the same as it would if that person were right in front of you.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you’re in your room, you can be excused for being grungy. It doesn’t work like that.

If you were to attend a movie with your date, would you wear an old Tshirt that has seen better days with just socks or shorts? No. You would wear a nice casual attire while paying attention to your hair and feet.

If you would do that physically then, do the same virtually because it communicates how much you value planning an activity with them even if it’s virtual.

• Virtually do activities together
Plan a cook date with your partner and prop your phones on the kitchen table as you prepare the same meal together. You can take a walk around your neighbourhood whiles face timing and showing what you see to them.

That way, you can compare and contrast how different or similar your neighbourhoods are. You can do so many activities like having a drink together, watching movies, doing some crafts you’ll exchange with each other after the quarantine is over and many more.

Lastly, don’t forget that dating virtually has so many similarities to the physical dating so get creative and have fun.

The writer is a Relationship Speaker
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